Paved Trails

PAVED TRAILS 26.91 miles  
Cattail Trail 6.80 miles asphalt, 10' wide
Northwest Greenway Trail 8.43 miles asphalt, 10' wide
Wabash Heritage Trail 4.28 miles asphalt, 8' wide
Village Fitness Trail 1.86 miles marked on sidewalks
Nighthawk Trail .50 mile asphalt/concrete 8'
Westway Trail (along US 231) 6.90 miles

West Lafayette Parks & Recreation also manages more than five miles of footpaths  

CATTAIL TRAIL: 6.80 miles

The Cattail Trail and Northwest Greenway Trail are designated as National Recreation Trails. As part of the National Trails System, they are central features in the network of parks and open space. They provide healthy recreational experiences and encounters with the natural world.
#1 (from Sagamore Pwky., along Cumberland Ave., to US 231, including a trail spur to Wal-Mart ~ 1.32 miles
#2 (from Cumberland Ave. through Celery Bog NA, to Lindberg Rd.) 1.10 miles
#3 (from Lindberg Rd., along Northwestern Ave. & Yeager Rd., to Sagamore Pkwy.) ~ .63 mile
#4 (from Yeager Rd., along Northwestern Ave. & Sagamore Pkwy., to Cumberland Ave. ~ .85 mile
#5 (from Lindberg Rd., to & along Cherry Ln. & McCormick Rd., to Pickett Park) ~ 1.60 miles
#6 (from Northwestern Ave., along Lindberg Rd., to US 231) ~ 1.30 miles


#7 (from Navajo St. to & along Sagamore Pwky., to Clayton St., & just W of Soldiers Home Rd.) ~ .50 mile


Northwest Greenway Trail by State Farm#8  (from Sagamore Pkwy.,, along N side of Cumberland Ave., to Yeager Rd..) ~ .50 mile     
#9 (from Yeager Rd., to Salisbury St.,) ~ .50 mile
#10 (from Sagamore Pkwy., along S side of Cumberland Ave., & along Kent Ave., to just W of Yeager Rd.) ~ .60 miles
#11 (from Sagamore Pkwy. & Cumberland Ave., across Win Hentschel Blvd., to Kalberer Rd.) ~ .60 mile
#12 (from Kalberer Rd. & Trailhead Park, across Morehouse Rd., to near Hadley Lake) ~1.03 miles     
#13 (through Trailhead Park & along N side of Kalberer Rd.,) ~ .60 mile      
Top of Trolley Line Trail#14 (from Trailhead Park, along S side of Kalberer Rd. & through N Cumberland Park, to Salisbury St., including a trail spur from S of Kalberer Rd. to Purdue Technology Centers) ~ 2.10 miles      
#15 (from Salisbury St., along Kalberer Rd., to Soldiers Home Rd.,) ~ .85 mile
#16 (from S of Kalberer Rd., through Cumberland Park & Amberleigh Village, including a short connecting segment of sidewalk, along Manchester St., to just N of Sagamore Pkwy.) ~ 1.35 miles
#17 (from Cumberland Ave., through Cumberland School, to LaGrange St.) ~ .30 mile


#18 (from Indian Trial Dr. to Happy Hollow Park restroom) ~ .91 mile
#19 (from Happy Hollow Park restroom to East Shelter) ~ .34 mile
#20 (from Rose St. & Kingston Dr. intersection to the section of trail between Happy Hollow Park restroom & the East Shelter) ~ .22 mile
#21 (from  Happy Hollow Park's East Shelter to Fishtail Dance sculpture/Harrison Bridge ramp) ~ .74 mile#22 (from Fishtail Dance sculpture/Harrison Bridge ramp to Tapawingo Park parking lot) ~ .55 mile
#23 (from Tapawingo Park parking lot to South River Rd.,) ~ .88 mile
#24 (from Tapawingo Park parking lot to the end of Tapawingo Dr., at South River Rd.) ~ .64 mile

WESTWAY TRAIL (along US 231): ~ 6.90 miles

#25 (from Sagamore Pkwy. to State St.) ~ 6.20 miles; ~ 3.10 miles along W side & ~ 3.10 miles along E side of US 231
#26 (from just S of State St. to Airport Rd.) ~ .70 mile; along E side of US 231


A marked route on sidewalks connecting Morton Community Center,  Paula R. Woods Park,the track available for public use at West Lafayette HS, Happy Hollow School, & the Municipal Pool

Start at Morton Center or the West Lafayette Public Library, proceed:

  • North on North Chauncey
  • East on North Street 1 block
  • North on Salisbury 3 blocks
  • West on Lutz to Vine
  • North on Vine 4 blocks to Paula R. Woods Park, a nice place to rest after 3/4 mile stroll
  • West on Lawn to Grant
  • North on Grant to Meridian and West Lafayette Jr/Sr High School track
After walking around the 1/4 mile track proceed:
  • North on Grant to Leslie
  • East on Leslie, cross Salisbury to Kingston
  • North and east around Happy Hollow School, past the pool, and around the 1/4-mile soft-surface, loop track east of the school
  • Salisbury to Soldiers Home Road
Sidewalk markers and 4 map information signs note the route.

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