Sign Permits

Temporary Sign Permit

  1. Temporary Sign Permit
  2. Sign standards on application.
  3. Fee Schedule $20/sign


Permanent Sign Permit Checklist

  1. Permanent Sign Permit
  2. Construction plans for signage
  3. Zoning Classification?: A, R1, R1U, GB, PD, etc. Unified Zoning Ordinance.
  4. Type of Sign? Freestanding, Building, Event, or Outdoor Advertising
  5. Sign Area?
  6. Scaled Plot Plan showing setbacks: The distance between the leading edge of the sign and the edge of the right-of-way cannot be any closer than the height of the sign.
  7. Speed limit on frontage road(s)?
  8. Building Setback distance?
  9. Sign Calculation Chart
  10. Fee Schedule: $100

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