Handgun Permit Applications

To apply for an Indiana Handgun Permit (hunting-target or unlimited), one must be an Indiana resident, residing full-time within the city limits of West Lafayette.

There are several areas with West Lafayette postal addresses that are not located within our city. A valid Indiana Driver's License with a current address must be presented.

The application process involves a character check and fingerprinting and may take several weeks to complete. State and Fingerprinting fees are collected online through Morpho Trust USA Fingerprinting services, local fees are collected by West Lafayette PD. Payments must be made in cash or check. The West Lafayette Police Department requires the use of Morpho Trust USA for fingerprinting. To begin the application process please follow this link to the ISP Handgun License Application.

Purdue students and temporary staff with a permanent address outside of West Lafayette, will need to complete the permit process with the agency having jurisdiction at their home of record. (Purdue does not permit firearms on campus property/ refer to University Policy).

IC 35-47-1 establishes criteria for procuring a Personal Protection handgun permit. Some causes for application rejection are:
  • Alcohol, drug, or substance abuse
  • Prior felony conviction
  • Evidence of violent or emotionally unstable conduct
  • Prior conviction for Resisting Law Enforcement

Applications denied or marked "Not approved" may be withdrawn by the applicant, or forwarded to the Indiana State Police for appeal. Money/checks will be returned if an application is withdrawn.

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