Neighborhood Parking Permit Program

The Neighborhood Parking Permit (NPP) program was initiated many years ago in an effort to help make on-street parking available for neighborhood residents.

The NPP program encourages the use of private parking and limits the use of commuter on-street parking. This creates more turnover and increased opportunities for residents to find parking.  A permit granted under the NPP program grants the opportunity to park on a given street within the respective NPP zone.
Residents of affected properties that live within a specifically designated parking area may be eligible to participate in the NPP program. The NPP program allows residents to purchase up to two parking stickers per property for a fee of $10.00 per permit. Vehicles displaying NPP stickers are then permitted to park 24 hours (overnight) within their given "zone".  The city recently transitioned to a new digital parking enforcement system using LPR (License Plate Reader) technology.  This technology is license plate based and eliminates the need for adhesive stickers being placed on permitted vehicles.
The NPP program is only available to a limited portion of the city.  Please contact the Records Division at 765-775-5210 to determine if your property address is qualified for this program.

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You can appeal a parking ticket in our parking portal.

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