Contractor Bonding Requirements

Bonds must be on file with our office before a contractor may perform any permitted work within the city limits.  A building permit will not be issued until all bonds are in place.

Bond/license requirement with General Contractor:

General Contractor and State Plumbing license verification. (No plumbing bond just license verification)


Bond/license requirements without General Contractor:

Carpentry or Structural                                               Concrete

Electrical                                                                   Excavating

Fire Suppression                                                        Heating & Air Conditioning

Masonry Work, Stone Masonry, Brickwork                    Sign Contractor

Plumbing*                                                                 Pool Contractor

(*must also have Indiana plumbing license number on file)


  • License and Permit bonds are obtained from your insurance carrier.
  • The City of West Lafayette should be listed as "obligee".
  • General contractors must be bonded for $25,000.  Sub-contractors must be bonded for $5,000 per trade.
  • Sub-contractors must list on the bond what trade(s) they are covered to perform.
  • Sub-contractors may be covered for more than one trade on a bond, but the bond must list each trade he is covered to perform and the bond must be increased in value by $5,000 per trade.
  • The term of the bond is established by the bonding company.  Bonds typically expire after one year.  Continual bonds are in force until they are cancelled.
  • The bond must be an original or it is not valid and cannot be processed.  
  • The bond must be signed by the principal (original signature), and must have the corresponding Power of Attorney attached.
  • Once expired, bonds may be continued in two ways.  A new bond may be issued, or an existing bond may be continued with a "Continuation Certificate."

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