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The Go Greener Commission has been working with both the Purdue Student Sustainability Council, as well as the Purdue Office of Engagement to offer ways for community members to compost their food waste. Currently, residents are able to bring their food waste to specified drop off locations listed below. That food waste is then taken to the anaerobic digester housed at the West Lafayette Water Resource Recovery Facility, and processed to generate electricity for the facility. 

Countertop food waste bins are available for pick-up at West Lafayette Streets and Sanitation located at 705 S. River Rd. during regular business hours (M-F, 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.).

Current Drop-Off Location:

705 S River Rd - Former West Lafayette Street Department

What is acceptable food waste? Acceptable Food Waste Items

For more information and updates on the food waste program, please check the Go Greener Commission’s website:

Info on food waste drop off program: PDF of handout

Please Take this Food Waste Composting Survey:

The survey will allow us to know how you want to manage your food waste so we can help make that easier and more convenient for you.

Info on backyard composting: PDF of handout and PDF of composting FAQs

Donate unwanted compost to Lafayette community gardens:

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