Leaf Collection

We collect leaves curbside during specified weeks in the spring and fall. We will publish the  schedule on our website, social media, and will send email notifications to the citizens that have signed up to receive emails.

You can continue to put leaves out in rigid containers or yard waste bags on your yard waste collection day for pickup outside of the scheduled curbside collection period.

Spring Leaf Collection will run 3/21/22-4/29/22. We will plan to collect leaves the day prior to your garbage collection each week for all areas that currently receive our yard waste collection service.

Spring Leaf Collection

As you begin raking your yard, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Leaf piles should be in a windrow, 12 inches away from the curb line.
  2. Avoid blocking bike lanes. If necessary, pile leaves between the curb and sidewalk.
  3. Keep leaf piles free of debris and sticks. They can clog or damage the leaf vac.
  4. Keep catch basins free of leaves to allow for drainage during rain events.
  5. Consider trimming trees & bushes that block sidewalks or hang low over the street.

  Leaves can also be placed in rigid containers for the normal yard waste collection.

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