COA Application and Examples

Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Application

When planning your next project, check to see if it requires a COA application before you begin. Some projects may receive administration approval instead of a Commission meeting, while others may be considered maintenance and do not require a COA application. Contact the Department of Development for more details by email at or phone at (765) 775-5164.

You can submit your application online, by email, or in person with the Department of Development. For filing dates, see the 2022 HPC Calendar and Filing Dates

Unsure what documents to submit along with your COA application? View our city staff review form for various types of projects here: HPC City Staff Review Form 

Apply Online Submit your HPC application online

You can also complete the COA application manually by completing the form here: Certificate of Appropriateness Application (PDF)

For further application information, view the Additional Information Sheet.

Examples of Past COA applications

Click on the project below for examples of past COA applications that have been submitted: 

Addition to home

Planned development within a historic district

Window replacement

Roof replacement

Enclosing a car port

Garage addition sketches

Demolition project

Administrative Approval: Handrail

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