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West Lafayette Ordinance No. 19-13

U.S. Department of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation

U.S. Department of the Interior Standards for Preservation 

U.S. Department of the Interior National Parks Service-New Chauncey National Register

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Indiana Historic Buildings, Bridges, and Cemeteries Map

"This application is provided for easy access to view the Indiana State Historic Architectural and Archaeological Research Database (SHAARD), which allows users to search cultural resource information on known historic resources throughout Indiana. The data contained in SHAARD was collected from previously conducted cultural resource inventories, National Register nominations, and cultural resource management projects."

West Lafayette Historic Preservation Commission Resource Guide Spring/Summer 2015

“Different architectural forms and styles interact and coexist; thus, a home may simultaneously qualify as “Queen Anne” and “Cottage,” or “Contemporary” and “Colonial Revival.” The New Chauncey Neighborhood contains many such homes, and these give the community its distinctive character… the interpretation of architectural styles is fluid and exciting, and it should encourage readers to walk the New Chauncey Neighborhood themselves and make their own decisions.” 

Making the Connections: A Study of the Impact of Historic Preservation in Indianapolis.

To honor the 50th anniversary of the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission in 2017, Indiana Landmarks hired PlaceEconomics to analyze demographic and economic data to determine the impact of historic district designation in the capital city. The study compared Indianapolis’s designated areas—13 local historic districts, 5 conservation districts, and 19 historic districts listed in the National Register of Historic Places that are not also locally designated—with the rest of the city. The study team examined the districts from a number of angles: job attraction, property values, foreclosure rates, abandoned housing, and proximity to parks, public transportation, and bike lanes. 

Useful Websites and Tools for Homeowners

Original Wood Window Repair-Old House Journal

Old House Journal features nearly 100 articles from the magazine Old House Journal along with a reputable restoration services and products directory. This is another location to find Preservation Briefs from the National Parks Service. This particular article shows step-by-step on how to repair original wood windows.  

Historic Preservation Cost Comparison Tool. 

From City of Hutchinson, KS Historic Preservation website. If you own an historic home or building, you can use our cost comparison tool to estimate what it would cost to repair or replace your siding, windows, flooring, porch, and other features using historic materials versus modern materials. Click on the appropriate image below to download the tool for your project. (Both tools are in Excel XLSX format.)

Old House Toolkit.

From Architecture.About.com. An online starting point to exploring house restoration resources. Articles include: How to survive restoration, how to pick historic house colors, how to solve exterior paint problems on exterior woodwork and how to purchase architectural salvage.

Old House Journal.

Features nearly 100 articles from the magazine Old House Journal along with a reputable restoration services and products directory. This is another location to find Preservation Briefs from the National Parks Service. The print magazine is available at the West Lafayette Public Library.

Old House Web.

A website for enthusiasts of historic structures, it features an extensive directory of suppliers and how-to advice for exterior and interior design. It also features articles on historic structures and interior, exterior and garden design and ideas and advice for old house enthusiasts.

This Old House.

This is the companion website to the This Old House PBS television program and magazine. Features “Homeowner Know-How” articles and a large library of video clips from the television program.

Indiana Historic Architecture.

This site is devoted to the appreciation, restoration and preservation of great Indiana landmarks. The Indiana Historic Architecture Home Page spotlights historic architecture and neighborhoods throughout all of Indiana. Here you will find an extensive photo gallery—over 500 photos—of historic architecture, with more being added all the time.

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