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The West Lafayette Police Department Patrol Division operates on a 12 hour shift rotation.  With this shift rotation, officers are able to have a three day weekend off every other weekend. 

All officers receive 9 holidays or 108 hours of personal time each year.  Officers accrue vacation time based on their years of service with the police department.

In their second year of employment, officers receive 80 hours of vacation time.  In their third year of service, officers receive 120 hours of vacation time or 10 days.  After five years of service, officers receive 160 hours of vacation time.  At ten years it moves to 200 hours and at fifteen years of service, officers receive 240 hours of vacation time, or 20 days based on 12 hour days.

In addition to vacation and personal time, officers receive a Wellness day for every 6 months they do not call in sick to work.

Work Out Time

The work of a police officer can be physically demanding at times.  To even be hired, a person must pass a physical fitness test mandated by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.  The West Lafayette Police Department encourages healthy living and fitness for its officers.  When feasible, officers are even allowed to work out while on shift taking advantage of the department's in house gym which was designed with the assistance of a Purdue Football strength coach when it was originally built. 

Police Officer Lateral Entry Program

Police Officers coming from other police departments are often sought after and highly valued.  Many times they bring the training, skills and experience the West Lafayette Police Department needs when hiring a prospective candidate.  The West Lafayette Police Department recognizes the need to hire persons with a previous or current background in law enforcement.  Click Here to read more about our policy pertaining to officers transferring from another department.

Take Home Car Program

The West Lafayette Police Department recognizes that officers who live within their jurisdiction they serve tend to develop better relationships with the community and public.  Officers living in the city they police often have a better understanding of community issues and will take greater ownership in addressing those issues.  The police department encourages officers to live inside the city and offers a take home car to those that purchase a home within city limits. 

Tuition Assistance Program

The West Lafayette Police Department places an emphasis on and highly values education.  We believe that our encouragement and emphasis on higher learning for our police officers help make us a successful police department.  The police department has designed an incentive for those officers who wish to further their education by paying for approved college and law enforcement courses.  Since the program has begun, the WLPD has had officers who have received their Associate's Degree, Bachelor's Degree and some have even achieved their Master's Degree.

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