Salary Information

Annual Salary

In the first year as a police officer, new hires are considered Probationary Officers.  Probationary Officers receive a starting salary of $62,788.  Once finished with the first year of employment, Probationary Officers move to the status of 1st Class Patrol Officer and receive a salary of $66,249.

Additional Pay

In addition to the received salary, all 1st Class Patrol Officers receive an additional $1,500.00, split into two payments per year to maintain their uniforms and equipment.  Officers also have the opportunity to receive additional pay should they decide to take on additional responsibilities within the department for such things as Detective, Field Training Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, K9 Unit, Special Response Team and certified academy instructor.  Officers may have the opportunity to achieve rank within the department which includes, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain.  With each rank, the annual salary increases as well. 


West Lafayette is home to Purdue University and is considered a Big Ten College town.  The West Lafayette Police Department has numerous opportunities for paid special overtime details, which include traffic and foot patrol details for home Purdue Football games.  To help supplement their income even more, officers also have the opportunity to work with and for the Purdue University Police Department for such things as Men’s and Women’s Basketball, special traffic details, and concerts. 

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