Street & Sanitation

Street Department

The Street, Sanitation and Recycling Department is responsible for:

  • collecting garbage, recyclables, and yard waste from properties of 4 units or less within the West Lafayette Sewer District. 
  • snow removal
  • street maintenance
  • maintaining traffic signs and signals
  • maintaining sewers and storm drains.

The Street Department needs your help! There are several areas throughout the city with low-hanging branches that make it difficult for the garbage trucks, recycling trucks, street sweepers and school buses to get close to the curb.

Please take a look at their street trees to see whether you need to prune off the lowest branches:

  • Are they 8 feet above sidewalks?
  • Are they 15 feet above the street?

Need help or advice? We are here to help! Contact the Department of Development by phone or online here: Contact the Department of Development or 775-5160.

Thanks for your help in keeping our city beautiful!!

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How do I sign up for the Street & Sanitation public notices?
CSO UpdatesThe Street and Sanitation Department is committed to providing the citizens of West  Lafayette great service.  If you would like to begin receiving Street and Sanitation e-  updates, please sign up for an ENotify account by clicking on the envelope icon at                    the left side and choose Street and Sanitation Notices.


Contact Us

705 S River Rd
West Lafayette, IN 47906

  • Office: (765) 775-5242
  • Office Fax: (765) 746-1302
  • Office Hours:
    7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

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