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Celery Bog
Contains four miles of trails through woods and along a marsh. It is approximately 195 acres, with 7 acres in Scifres-Maier Woods Nature Preserve. The Celery Bog Nature Area is home to the Lilly Nature Center and contains 4.3 miles of paved Cattail Trail and a 1.5 mile Footpath with interpretive signs and two viewing decks. 

Natural Green Space Management

This 195-acre property, including a 100-acre wetland, provides diverse natural settings.  Natural green space management includes continuing work to establish savanna and prairie areas on part of the nature area that were formerly croplands and pasture.  In 2009, 19 varieties of wildflower seeds and four types of grasses were over-seeded on the previously planted area to the east of the entrance road.  A prairie mixture was also seeded in a small area next to University Place.  Prairie grasses were previously seeded on the earthen berms along the western edge of the southern half of the nature area.  In 2010, the large savanna area located south of the Lilly Nature Center, and west of the entry drive, will be sprayed to eliminate undesirable, understory plant material, and the area will be over-seeded with eight varieties of wildflowers and four types of grasses; the savanna area was previously seeded,but it is still experiencing extreme weed pressure.

Eighteen varieties of wildflowers seeds and five types of grasses were also seeded in 2009 in the savanna area along on the east side of the part of the Cattail Trail west and north of the nature center and the Scifres-Maier Woods.  The former cropland areas along the west side of the trail were previously seeded with a prairie mixture in two different phases, and the native plantings are progressively replacing weeds in those areas.
In addition to the natural green space management work, there are also plans to add demonstration sites, including the installation of a rain garden (with interpretive signs), in 2010 to help educate the public about specific conservation practices.

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