NICHES/BRB (Black Rock Barrens)


From Lafayette/West Lafayette take South River Road/Division Road west across US 231 and follow that for 8.3 miles to the Ravines Golf Course at S 875 W and take a left. Follow S 875 W passed Ross Hills Park and curve right onto W 50 S. Take the next left onto 925 W and follow that passed Ross Camp and curve right onto W 75 S. Take the next left onto S 950 W and follow that for 3 miles. As you approach the property you will ascend a steep hill where you will begin to see the exposed sandstone bedrock which gives the property its name. The parking lot is at the top of the hill to your left. From Attica/Williamsport turn onto SR 55 from SR 28/41 and cross the bridge over Big Pine Creek. Take the first right onto E Independence Road. Follow Independence Road for 9.7 miles until you reach E 350 N and turn right. The parking lot will be on your right in 0.6 miles. The parking lot for Black Rock is marked with the blue pin.

About This Location


  • Nature Preserve