KWPROP (Property of Kent Walters)


**NOTE: There is no access to the Kent Walters property off of SR 28—despite what your navigation system may say. When going through Williamsport, exit SR 28 onto N. Monroe St. going north (if you go the wrong way on N. Monroe St. you will come to a T with a stop sign) The intersection of SR 28 and N. Monroe St. (which has no street sign) is close to the beautiful Warren County Courthouse. Instead of staying on SR 28, turn north onto N. Monroe St. and go (about 2 miles) until you see a road 125 S/Mehaffey Rd veering off to the left in a NW direction. Turn onto this road (125); about 1 mile on 125 from Monroe St, look for a black mailbox with number 251 written on the post, and wrapped in orange flagging tape. Turn into the narrow lane (green metal gate on either side of the lane entrance) across from the mailbox, and go approximately 1 mile to Kent's big Georgian style brick house. Parking will be available in the pasture near the house.


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