Pine Creek Game Bird Habitat


From the North / East / South: take US 231 to SR 18 in White County. Go west on SR 18 into Benton County, then turn right (north) onto CR 850 E. Drive for two miles to CR 200 N. Turn right (east) onto CR 200 N, and the refuge will begin at the tree on the left side of the road (the tree is visible in the distance when you first turn onto CR 200 N). From the West: take SR 18 east from Fowler, then turn left (north) onto CR 850 E. From this point, follow the above directions to the entrance to the refuge. Once in the Refuge: CR 200 N drops into the wetland basin and crosses the marsh immediately after you enter the refuge. After crossing the marsh, park in Parking Lot #3 immediately on the right after the road leaves the wetland basin. All points in the refuge are accessible from this parking lot. Be sure not to park on the road.

About This Location

Location: From the intersection of US 231 and SR 18, drive west on 18 to CR 850, then north (right) on 850 to CR 200N, then right again on 200. The Area is on your left shortly after crossing the bridge near the turn, and extends almost a mile down the road. Pull into to any of several marked parking areas.

Description: Old farmland bought up by the Indiana DNR, then flooded to create a wetland area to attract ducks and geese; the higher areas are stocked with pheasant. The fairly large and shallow lake of course attracts a lot more than ducks and geese; small shorebirds are common, as well as blue heron (there is a heron rookery nearby), egrets, green heron, cormorants and others; the uplands attract various hawks, including northern harrier, and songbirds. The area is completely overgrown at present with goldenrod and other tall weedy species; there may be some effort toward prairie restoration here. Not much hiking to speak of; mostly of interest to birwatchers.

Nearby Points of Interest: Spinn Prairie is not too far away; but this is in the middle of Indiana farm country and pretty much by itself.

Cautions: Game bird, waterfowl and deer hunting allowed by special permit during the season; not a good place for those allergic to ragweed during the pollen season.

Ownership: Indiana DNR