Tapawingo Park

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    Tapawingo Dr
    West Lafayette, IN 47906

About This Location

Tapawingo Park - children playing
Tapawingo Park is approximately 20 acres in size and contains the 1-1/4 mile paved Wabash Heritage Trail and an accessible playground for ages 2-12. It is also home to the Myers Bridge Plaza, Brown Street Overlook and the Riverside Skating Center.  Tapawingo is a Miami phrase for "place of joy."  West Lafayette Parks and Recreation had been interested in a riverside location for some time, but it was not until the early 1070's that the opportunity was realized.  Sears Roebuck and Co., whose store was immediately to the west, donated almost five acres of riverfront property to honor one of their founders, Alvah Curtis Roebuck.  Mr. Roebuck grew up on a farm about a mile east of Klondike and received his education at Morris School in Wabash Township, and taught himself to be a watchmaker by the time he was sixteen.  While working at a small jewelry store in Hammond, he answered an ad in a Chicago newspaper for a watchmaker.  He had an interview with Richard W. Sears, and the rest is history.  The park opened in the summer of 1973.

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