Rental Housing Inspection Concerns & Complaints

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The City of West Lafayette has a formal procedure to respond to concerns covered under the City of West Lafayette-Property Maintenance Code. 

The Housing-Property Maintenance Code includes the upkeep or regulations of the following:

 Property Grounds
 Exterior of the Structure
 Lighting
 Ventilation
 Dwelling Limits
 Space Requirements
 Plumbing System and Fixtures
 Water System
 Sewage System

 Heating Apparatus
 Electrical System
 Fire Safety
 Exits
 Storage
 Structure Fire Resistance
 Sanitary Conditions
 Accessory Structures

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West Lafayette Rental Housing Concerns and Complaint Online Form

Note: A lease is a legally binding contract between a tenant and a landlord. For any concerns you may have regarding a lease, please seek counsel from an attorney.
Before a complaint can be filed:
1. As the tenant, you must inform your landlord of the problem(s) and give them at least 10 days to respond before you file a complaint with this office.
2. All complaints must be submitted in writing.
3. A copy of our report will be sent to the owner/property manager and the complainant. If violations are cited, repairs must be made and a re-inspection date will be set.
4. We will continue to re-inspect the property until the conditions of the report are met. The owner/property manager may be assessed fees for additional inspections.
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Please describe the complaint in as much detail as possible. Include the location of the complaint, any specific measurements such as temperature, numbers, etc.