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Bicycle Friendly Community Bronze Level

West Lafayette Is Now a Bicycle Friendly Community!

As of November 21st, the City of West Lafayette has been designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community at the Bronze level by the League of American Bicyclists. 

Walking, Running and Biking in West Lafayette

More and more people are choosing alternative forms of transportation for their daily travels. Whether it be for personal health, environmental consciousness or financial benefits; people are riding bikes everywhere. The city of West Lafayette recognizes that trend and has not only tried to give these road users what they deserve but has pushed the envelope in regards to bicycling infrastructure. With over 30 miles of paved trails for walking, running and biking that span the city, residents are provided with viable alternatives to driving their car to work.

Bicycle Friendly Business

Want to get certified by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bicycle Friendly Business?

Want to encourage a workplace that's more alert and productive?

Fill out the application here! West Lafayette businesses that are awarded the status of Bicycle Friendly Business will have their logo put on our website! Check in for more information on a BFB workshop coming in August.  We will walk through the application together, so completing it is easy and straightforward.

Congratulations! These West Lafayette businesses are certified as Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Businesses by the League of American Bicyclists.

            Purdue Federal Credit Union        Westminster Village WL        Brokerage Brewery


West Lafayette has over 30 miles of paved trails for walking, running and biking. In addition, dozens of Pace bike share locations let you quickly rent a bike on the spot. Check out the map below to see where they all are!

Paved trails - GREEN

Bike Lanes - BLUE

Click here to see the full version of the map.

Comfort Map

The city is currently working with other representatives from the Greater Lafayette area to develop a "Comfort Map" that will display all bicycle routes in Lafayette, West Lafayette and the county. This map will use visual tools to represent the level of comfort riders will experience on the route. We want it to be obvious which paths will be more comfortable for the experienced cyclist and which will be accessible for young children.

Bicycle Comfort Map

View the full-size comfort map here


City of West Lafayette Bike and Pedestrian Goals:

  • Increase the number of trips made by alternative forms of transportation (bike, walk or public transit)
  • Add to the existing network of multi-use trails
  • Increase the number of miles of dedicated bike lanes
  • Have clear and comfortable paths to connect all major points of the city with bicycle infrastructure

Planned Trails

City engineers are working to ensure that trails are included in areas where they are needed. Here are some of the places to have paved multi-use trails in the future:

  • Salisbury Street – from Kalberer Road to Sagamore Parkway
  • Sagamore Parkway
  • Lindberg Road – from Salisbury Street to Indian Trail
  • Connection between Harrison Bridge and Soldier's Home Road
  • Yeager Road

For more information, view the city’s Parks and Recreation master plan here

Planning and development proceeds with the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians in mind, and the city has goals related to infrastructure and use.

Current Projects

West Lafayette has the following projects ongoing related to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure:


Bike Walk Greater Lafayette Safety Plan

Essential Bicycling Skills

For more tips on smart cycling, check out the League of American Bicycles website here!

Bicycle Infrastructure, Signage and Markings

In order to meet the needs of bicyclists and keep up with the demand for dedicated bike lanes and tracks, you may notice many new signs and markings on the street. Here is a list of some that we think will be helpful to know!

Cycle Track

The cycle track is a separated bike path that runs parallel to the street. The cycle track acts like a road for bicycles, so be sure to stay on the right side of the track and be careful when passing!

These green crossings will be found at most of the cycle track intersections on State Street.

The goal with this design is to increase visibility of the shared space between cars and bicycles.


SB and Use Ped Signal

At some intersections there will be a stop bar on the cycle track along with a sign that says “Use Ped Signal.” At these intersections, bicyclists are required to stop and wait for the pedestrian signal at the crosswalk and cross with pedestrians.
"Sharrows" are markings on a road used to indicate that the road is a shared lane environment; welcoming bicycles and vehicles to use the road. Drivers should note that when passing a biker, 3ft of space is required between your car and the cyclist! Sharrow
Bike Box The bike box is used to let bikers approach an intersection and have a safer and more visible place to wait for a red light.

Rules of the Road

Bike and Pedestrian Safety

School Bicycle Safety Programs

General Bicycle Safety


Clubs and Organizations:

West Lafayette, Lafayette and the county have teamed together to create Bike Walk Greater Lafayette, a group working with the goal of making the Greater Lafayette area into a Bike Friendly community. On their website, there is a lot of great educational information related to biking in the area and safety.


Contact Us

Jeff Kuhn (Project Engineer) has been designated as the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for the City of West Lafayette. Please feel free to contact him with any questions or suggestions you have related to Bike and Pedestrian infrastructure and safety!

Email: Engineering

Office Phone: (765) 807-8980

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