Tim Heath is fire chief for the West Lafayette Fire Department.

Chief Heath began his career in the fire service in 1985 as an airman in the United States Air Force after attending Tarkio College in Missouri. He joined WLFD in February of 1990 after serving with Indianapolis International Airport Crash Fire-Rescue. Heath was the West Lafayette Fire Pension Board Secretary for eighteen years, quickly climbing through the ranks, until becoming chief in 2012. Chief Heath has continued his education throughout the years with various training courses, obtaining several certifications, including, most recently, Ball State University's Certified Public Manager 2016. 

Tony Schutter is the deputy chief of inspections for the West Lafayette Fire Department. Deputy Chief Schutter began his career in the fire service in 1989 after attending Purdue University. He joined WLFD in 1995, becoming deputy chief in 2012.  DC Schutter still continues his education, with numerous classes and hands-on programs, all while managing the department.  

Jeff Need is the deputy chief of operations for the West Lafayette Fire Department. Deputy Chief Need graduated from Purdue University in 1990 with a degree in Agricultural Economics. DC Need began his career in the fire service in 1992. He joined WLFD in 1998, becoming deputy chief in 2018. DC Need is currently working on his Executive Fire Officer certification from the National Fire Academy.

Bob Molter is the fire inspector for WLFD. Inspector Molter retired as assistant chief of the West Lafayette Fire Department in June, 2017, after nearly thirty-eight years of service with the department. 

West Lafayette Fire has three assistant chiefs for each shift: A-Shift Greg Booth, B-Shift John Irr, and C-Shift Bruce Sigman; five captains: A-Shift Scott Barker and Keith Barker, B-Shift Brian Harshbarger, C-Shift Jeff Richards and Drew Fellure; six lieutenants: A-Shift Ty Morris, Ryan Harber; B-Shift Eric Doyle and John Keller; C-Shift Jim Redd and Ben Jones; and 28 firefighters. They report to one of three rotating shifts (A, B, C), working 24-hour shifts when on duty.

Administrative Assistant Beth DeHahn graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Journalism. She was a graphic designer in Cincinnati before taking the helm as Continuity Director at WASK/WKOA (managing the department along with writing, voicing, producing, and airing commercials). She does freelance writing, proofreading, and editing. And, in her free time, rehabilitates wild animals! She joined the West Lafayette Fire Department on 11/12/13.  

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