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The City provides curbside recycling collection to residents living inside the City of West Lafayette's sewer district. We provide weekly sanitation services to houses and apartments of 4 units or less. All items should be at your property line by 7:00 am the day of collection to avoid a missed pick up. Please do not assume that we will run the route at the same time each week. We have various drivers who may travel the route differently.  New Sanitation Route Schedule

The City is now providing you with a 48-gallon recycling cart with a yellow lid. These carts are for recycling only; please do not use them for trash. If you are an avid recycler and feel that the 48-gallon cart is not large enough, you can request a 96-gallon cart instead for no additional cost. Items do not need to be separated in the recycling cart. Please do not place items in the bike lanes.
Please do not assume we will run the route the same time each week. We have various drivers who may travel the route differently. Have the cans at your property line by 7:00 am the day of collection or risk a missed pick up. Please do not set items out earlier than 5:00 pm the night before your pick up. 
The following clean items can be commingled in the cart for curbside pick-up:
    • Mixed Paper (junk mail, magazines, etc.)
    • Flattened cardboard
    • Newspaper
    • Cardboard juice boxes
    • Plastic grocery bags
    • Aluminum & tin cans
    • Glass bottles & jars
    • Plastic (1-7), No styrofoam please.
Please keep in mind that we do not accept food waste, styrofoam, or diapers in the recycle cart. Those items should be put in the garbage or disposed of separately. 

We do NOT accept the following items for recycling:

    • Televisions, computer monitors, printers
    • Window glass or glass dishes
    • Aluminum foil
    • Dirt or Sod
    • Concrete, bricks or gravel
    • Refrigerators, freezers & dehumidifiers
    • Tires
    • Hazardous chemicals 
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How do I sign up for the Street & Sanitation public notices?
CSO Updates The Street and Sanitation Department is committed to providing the citizens of West  Lafayette great service.  If you would like to begin receiving Street and Sanitation e-  updates, 
please sign up for an ENotify account by clicking on the envelope icon at                    the left side and choose Street and Sanitation Notices.



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