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The pioneer settlement of Jacktown was the first to spring up on the west side of the Wabash River in what is now known as the City of West Lafayette. The Town of Kingston was platted in April of 1855 and was a four square to the northwest of Jacktown.

In January of 1860 the Town of Chauncey was platted between Jacktown and Kingston. By 1866 members of all communities and several surrounding ones met to organize and incorporate into the Town of Chauncey.

By 1874 the town started employing law enforcement in the form of town marshals to protect the members of their community. In 1923 Chauncey petitioned to have their name changed and be incorporated into a city with elected officials and on June 24, 1924 became know as the City of West Lafayette and the first official police chief was put into place.

Below are the names of those brave men and women who have protected this city and retired from the police department.

TOWN MARSHALS  1874-1923

H.H. Howard Elwood Wilson Harvey G. Sense
P. Tracey Frank A. Roberts Noah G. Thoxal
James Campion George E. Wilson John H. Julius
Charles Terry Alvin J. Sims
Daniel Leslie Corey McCowan


Herman Wright 1923-1936 Herbert Roberts 1970-1973
Charles Hayden 1936-1940 Lee A. Daley 1973-1976
Ivan L. Miller 1941-1945 Melvin C. Timmons 1976-1987
Edward McCormick 1946 Dennis L. Mitchell 1987-1997
Robert Burns 1946-1950 John E. Balser 1997-1998
Jay W. Watson 1950-1958 Daniel D. Marvin 1998-2007
Bill Minnick 1959-1970 Jason L. Dombkowski 2008-2019


Nevin S. Beisel 1933-1953 Harry R. Martin 1968-1994
Robert G. Shoaf 1945-1965 Charles W. Molter 1973-1995
David S. Ellis 1945-1965 William E. Robinson 1975-1995
Charles R. Dietrich 1946-1968 Curtis P. Cunningham 1976-1996
Earl J. Gay 1949-1968 Dennis L. Mitchell 1968-1997
George K. Stafford 1947-1968 Lendall D. Pratt 1970-1998
John W. Minnick 1949-1969 John E. Balser 1976-1998
Walter D. Rusk 1950-1970 Robert E. Vogel 1969-1998
Edward F. Lynch, Jr. 1950-1971 Andrew T. McCormick 1974-2000
Norman H. Brunner 1952-1972 Edward L. Smith 1977-2000
Roy D. Glover 1955-1976 Robert A. Rush, Sr. 1980-2000
David D. Morrison 1955-1975 Jerry D. Burk 1980-2001
Robert F. Taylor 1954-1975 Robert M. Stants 1976-2004
Lee A. Dailey 1955-1976 Jeffrey P. Ray 1987-2011
Howard W. Sylvester 1956-1976 John T. Walker 1993-2014
G. Robert Gaylord 1957-1977 Mark A. Gosney 1988-2014
Arthur W. Burroughs 1958-1978 Scott M. Fohr 1987-2014
Larry E. Heath 1958-1978 Cynthia A. Marion 1991-2015
Donald F. Bigger 1964-1984 Daniel D. Marvin 1985-2015
Gordon D. Wolever 1962-1984 Christopher J. Leroux 1987-2015
William E. Eaton 1965-1985 Nancee L. Hetrick 1981-2016
Sheldon S. Stillions 1965-1986 William J. Gallagher 1995-2016
Larry L. Cohee 1967-1987 Matthew Coddington 1985-2017
Melvin C. Timmons 1962-1987 Gary L. Sparger 1989-2017
Robert L. Brown 1968-1988 Michael D. Francis 1985-2018
Richard N. Mooney 1966-1990 Kevin J. Coomey 1990-2018
Howard A. Dodd 1973-1994 Janet A. Winslow 1982-2018
Michael R. Max 1986-2019
Nancy J. Roberts 1968-1993
Jacob E. West 1965-1996
Myrna J. Cowger 1971-1997
Larry E. Heath 1978-2000
Edward L. Smith 2000-2014
Kathryn A. McIntosh 2001-2016
John H. King 2001-2016

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