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The role of law enforcement in all cases, including riotous activity, hostage situations or barricaded subjects, execution of high risk warrants, and arrest of dangerous felons, is the protection of lives and property. In the pursuit of this goal, the West Lafayette Police Department maintains the Special Response Team.

The Special Response Team (S.R.T.) is a team of specially trained police officers from within the West Lafayette Police Department, which will respond to any incident where special weapons, equipment and tactics are needed.

The S.R.T. consists of highly trained personnel with specific skills in the areas of marksmanship, tactical response and containment, deployment of chemical munitions and less lethal weapons, and hostage negotiations. The S.R.T. is under the direct supervision of a team commander and assistant commander with governing authority derived through the Chief of Police

The mission and objective of the West Lafayette Police Department Special Response Team is to serve as a specialized, flexible and mobile unit, activated to assist in the containment, de-escalation and ultimate control of all situations beyond the capabilities of today's police officer.

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