Joint Board

This Joint Board was created in order to provide a consistent and equitable mechanism to address issues which arise in the future regarding this Interlocal Cooperation Agreement and its interpretation and implementation, as well as the implementation of the Annexation.  The Joint Board is composed of three members from each of the parties appointed by the responsible executive of each party.

This board typically meets quarterly, though additional meetings may be posted. Please see our Events Calendar for meeting dates and times.

Joint Board Members

Timothy Clark Mayor Appointee Secretary
Erin Easter Mayor Appointee Vice-Chair
Nick DeBoer Mayor Appointee Member
Adrian Allen  Purdue President Appointee Vice-Secretary 
Nathan Manges Purdue President Appointee Member
Michael Gulich Purdue President Appointee Chair

Joint Management Team: State Street Project

City Purdue
Erin Easter Kristi Brown
Peter Gray Don Petersen

Joint Management Team: Newman Road Project

City Purdue
Peter Gray Kristi Brown
Mitch Lankford Don Peterson

Joint Board By-laws

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