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Preserving West Lafayette's History for Future Generations

Historic places teach and inspire us. Historic places encourage travel, tourism, economic development and create a more attractive community. Help us preserve West Lafayette's history!

About the Commission

The West Lafayette Historic Preservation Commission was formed in 2011 following the passage of City Ordinance #19-11. The Commission’s mission is to designate local historic districts and to serve as a helpful resource in preserving West Lafayette’s rich history, dating back to 1855.

Member Appointment:
The Commission members are residents who are interested in preserving and developing historic areas and have expertise in architecture, history, and city planning. The nine volunteer members are appointed by the Mayor and City Council and serve for a term of three years.

For more information about the Commission or its members, contact the Commission Administrator by visiting City Hall, call (765)775-5160, or email HPC@wl.in.gov.

The Commission's Mission

Our mission is to preserve and protect West Lafayette’s historic neighborhoods, thus safeguarding the architectural integrity of these historically significant areas. The Commission reviews Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) applications from home/business owners for exterior remodeling or new construction or demolition projects requiring authorized approval.

The Commission also provides advice in the maintenance, restoration, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and development of historic buildings. If you’ve got questions about updating or repairing your historic property, we can steer you in the right direction. Contact HPC@wl.in.gov or call (765) 775-5160 if you have any questions.

How do I update my house while preserving its history?

Step 1: Determine if you live within a historic district. Consult West Lafayette's Historic District Map here.  

Step 2: Contact the Commission Administrator to discuss your project at HPC@wl.in.gov or 765-775-5160. Depending on project details, an application may not be required or the COA my qualify for staff approval in lieu of public hearings. The Commission Administrator will review the Historic Preservation Commission Procedures and Policies document to provide specific director for your project. 

Step 3: If you live in a historic district and your work requires approval, you will need to complete a Certificate of Appropriateness application. Include photos, drawings, or descriptions of improvements, using resource guide and websites. See examples and the application here. Please visit HPC FAQs and Answers for frequently asked questions.

Step 4: Submit copies of application and documentation either online, at HPC@wl.in.gov , or Margerum City Hall at 222 N. Chauncey Ave, West Lafayette, IN 47906. 

Step 5: Attend a Commission Meeting when notified. To view 2020-2021 calendar dates, click here. 

Step 6: Let us know how we did. Fill out our survey here. 

Step 7: Build some history! 

Quick Clicks

To complete an applications and see examples, click here. 

For information on local designation, click here. 

For approved minutes and meeting audios, click here.

For meeting dates and contact information, click here

The Commission is guided by Ordinance No. 19-13 Historic Preservation Commission: Boundaries, Powers, Duties, Guidelines and Procedures. Read the ordinance here. 

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