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The West Lafayette Tree Friends were founded in 1981 with the adoption of the original West Lafayette Landscape Ordinance. We are citizens who care about making our city green.

Our primary goal is to plant trees and implement landscaping projects in the public right-of-way. We work in cooperation with property owners to enhance the beauty of the streets of West Lafayette. Additionally, we usually complete one or two large planting projects each year. All Tree Friends initiatives are financed by private donations which are augmented by matching grants when available.


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Our Accomplishments...

  • Organized large tree plantings in neighborhoods including University Farms, Barbarry Heights, New Chauncey, Prophets Ridge, Amberleigh Village, Arbor Chase and Blackbird Farm.
  • Prune for eight weeks each spring and fall for clearance on sidewalks and streets.
  • Started a "Tree Trial" of unusual street trees on Kalberer near Yeager.
  • Added 90 trees to the Purdue Research Park.
  • Stand ready to replace ash trees on Sagamore Parkway.
  • Are in the midst of replacing ash trees on Wilshire, a street in Barberry Heights that once had 70 ash trees.
  • Stand ready to replace 50 ash trees on Summit Ave., a street in Northwestern Heights.
  • Work with homeowners offering advice and assessment of their existing street trees and help them plan for new ones.
  • Offer a Pruning Partners program to assist businesses with their street trees.
  • Provide educational talks and visits to the farmers market involving current tree events including emerald ash borer.
  • Organize a yarnbombing event each year to reduce vandalism and increase awareness of street trees. 


The Tree Friends rely on volunteers. If you would like to be a part of future projects, make a donation, or attend a meeting, give us a call! Anyone is welcome to join our efforts. Volunteers might help by...

    • Planting
    • Planning
    • Mulching
    • Watering
    • Pruning
    • Being a Tree Friends Member

Don't want to get your hands dirty? No time to spare?

That's okay...

Most people participate in the West Lafayette Tree Friends by making an annual donation. If you can help, make a check to the West Lafayette Tree Friends and send it to the address below.

Contact and Donation Information
Mailing address

West Lafayette Tree Friends
1101 Kalberer Road

West Lafayette, IN 47906

Checks should be made payable to the West Lafayette Tree Friends.

Thank you for the support and don't forget to "Like" the West Lafayette Tree Friends on Facebook!

Our Members

  • Bill Evers, Chair
  • Lynn Layden, Vice Chair
  • Don Wood, Secretary
  • Kay Conner
  • Georgia Dunn
  • Dan Dunten, City Parks Liaison
  • Linda Eales
  • Gretchen Ely
  • Don Franzmeier
  • Steve Green
  • Muriel Harris
  • Ann Hunt
  • John MacDonald
  • Judy Pellissier
  • Lyn Melloch
  • Beverly Shaw, Quality of Life
  • Bryce Patz, Neighborhood Vitality

Contact Us

Bryce Patz, Neighborhood Vitality
Morton Community Ctr
222 N. Chauncey Avenue, Room 102
West Lafayette, IN 47906

  • Office: (765) 775-5160
  • TTY: 711

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