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The West Lafayette Public Arts Team (PAT) is responsible for managing the affairs of West Lafayette's public art program.  Members are elected by the current membership and new members are approved by the Mayor.  Members include art advocates, art professionals, artists and dedicated citizens.  The PAT strives for diversity in its membership.

If you would like to be included on our e-mail distribution list to receive requests for proposals, please send your contact details to bshaw@wl.in.gov.

Tiny Places Treasure Hunt

Click on the pictures below for more details on completed projects.


Rooster – Artist Jeff Laramore


Heron - Artist Jeff Laramore  


Pop! Goes Purdue - Celebrating 16 Purdue students who went on to influence pop culture

record store day

Record Store Day - West Lafayette Public Library

a league

PopArt - Surprise live performances from groups like The A League Entertainment 

Bears Artwork

Bears Afoot! - Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

Before I Die 1

Before I Die - Artist Candy Chang

Commune Artwork

Commune - Artists Quincy Owens & Luke Crawley

Delight 1

Delight of Accomplishment - Artist Tom Torluemke

Inside Out Artwork

Inside Out - Purdue Art & Design's Senior Photography Class and the art teams of Lafayette and West Lafayette

Letting People In Artwork

Letting People In - Artist Alexandria Monik

Tiny Places Artwork

Tiny Places - Artist Aaron Bumgarner

Play me 7

Play Me, I'm Yours - Artist Luke Jerram

point of departure 5

Point of Departure - Artist Ben Sutter

Fishtail Dance Sculpture

Fishtail Dance - Artist John Mishler


Seagulls - Artist Cynthia McKean

Harmony sculpture

Harmony - Artist Pat Mack 

Who's Watching Who Sculpure

Who's Watching Who - Artist Jane DeDecker

Iron Sharpens Iron Sculpture

Iron Sharpens Iron - Artist Ben Sutter

Mythic Wabash 1

Mythic Wabash - Artist Craig Martin


Send - Artist Craig Martin


Travelogue - Artist Eric Nordgulen

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