Police Merit Commission

What we do...

Established in 2004 following police department and West Lafayette City Council approval, the five-member West Lafayette Police Merit Commission is made up of two persons of different political parties appointed by the mayor, two of different political parties elected by active department members, and one appointed by the City Council.
Commission members' powers and duties, as outlined in Indiana Code, include selection, appointment, promotion, demotion, discipline, and dismissal of police department members, except those appointed by the Mayor.
Who we are...
  • David Rollock  (President)
  • Jon Speaker (Vice President)
  • Bradley Cohen (Secretary)
  • Rwitti Roy (Member)
  • Bob Troyer (Member)
  • Chief Troy Harris (Resource Staff)
  • Alex Burns (Commission Attorney)
Commissioners serve two-or four-year terms at the pleasure of the appointing body and may be replaced at any time.  Members of the community who wish to express interest in serving on the Police Merit Commission are encouraged to reach out to one of the following; the Mayor, the City Council President, or a sworn member of the police department.

When we meet...

All meetings are on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Temporary City Hall (Former Happy Hollow Elementary School) located at 1200 N. Salisbury Street, unless otherwise noted on the Events Calendar.

Contact Us

711 W Navajo St
West Lafayette, IN 47906

  • Office: (765) 775-5200
  • TTY: 711

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