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Sana G. Booker was elected the first City Clerk of West Lafayette in November 2015.  She holds a BA in Political Science and an MS in Human Resource Management. Mrs. Booker has been on the Board of Public Works and Safety since 2009, working to improve, maintain, and develop this great community.  She has been actively engaged with several community organizations, including; American Red Cross, Mental Health America, and Caregiver Companion. 

The new City Clerk position results from the expansion of West Lafayette to a Class Two city.  The City Clerk is the record keeper for the Common Council and the City Court. 

The duties of the Clerk Office are:

  • keep records of council proceedings, including the recording of all notes, and preserve all papers relating to its business;
  • present ordinances, orders, or resolutions to the Mayor for approval; prepare and keep an ordinance book;
  • have charge of all documents and books entrusted to them by statute or ordinance;
  • administer oaths when necessary in the discharge of the Clerk’s duties, without charging a fee;
  • take depositions without charging a fee;
  • serve as a notary, without charging a fee; and
  • keep the city seal (IC 36-4-10-4)
  • issue all processes of the court, affix the court seal, and attest to same;
  • keep a complete record and docket of all cases;
  • collect all fees, fines, and penalties accruing to the city in the enforcement of ordinances; and
  • make payments to the city treasury, prosecuting attorney, and county treasurer, depending upon the fine, fee, or penalty collected (IC 33-35-3-2)

Clerk Staff 765-775-5150
Sana Booker, Clerk 765-775-5152
Nichole Foster, First Deputy Clerk 765-775-5153
Emma Housel 765-775-5148

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Sana Booker, City Clerk
Margerum City Hall (more)
222 N Chauncey Ave
West Lafayette, IN 47906

  • Office: (765) 775-5150
  • Office Hours:
    Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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