Parking Ticket Appeal Process

Persons wishing to appeal a Parking Ticket must do so during regular business hours at the City Clerks Office.

A photocopy of the Parking Ticket must be attached to the written appeal form. The appeal form allows space for your written explanation as to why you feel the charges should be dropped.

When an appeal is filed, a court hearing date will be assigned. The issuing officer will review the appeal. If the officer elects to withdraw the ticket based on your appeal, you will be notified that you do not have to appear in court.If the officer elects not to withdraw the ticket you will need to attend the scheduled court hearing, or pay the fine.

Officers do not have authority to review or withdraw parking tickets issued for Private Property Parking violations. Citations for Private Property violations are issued on the strength of a signed affidavit by the property owner or their designee. Private Property violation appeals require a hearing by the West Lafayette Court Judge. West Lafayette City Court is in session most Thursdays at 8:30AM.

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