February 15, 2005



Approved at the February 22, 2005, Board of Works meeting.



The Board of Public Works and Safety of the City of West Lafayette, Indiana met in regular session in the Board of Works Room at City Hall on February 15, 2005, at 11:00 a.m. Present were Janet L. Broyles, Gilbert T. Satterly, and Mayor Mills, who presided.


Correction: Elevation in Pay - Patrol Dispatcher Tiffany Williard - Police

Police Chief Marvin said last week, we did an elevation in pay for Tiffany Williard, and the date was wrong. The date should be effective May 21, 2005, not February 16. The February 16 date was the date that she originally started with the County. Then she switched over and became our employee May 21. So we request the Board to change that date.


Ms. Broyles said I move we change the effective date for Patrol Dispatcher Tiffany Williard from February 16 to May 21, 2005. Motion was seconded by Mr. Satterly, and the vote was AYE.


Request for Dumpster on Street: 491 Littleton - Engineering

City Engineer Buck said the only thing I have, I haven't had an opportunity to discuss this with Street Commissioner Downey, is a request for a dumpster to be placed on [491] Littleton Street. I received this request last Friday. It's typically not something that we allow. This particular house has a very narrow driveway with retaining walls that won't allow them to put the dumpster on their own property. This time of the year, and during the week, parking during the week is a concern. And then snow removal, which we may need to be doing tonight. We did grant, over a weekend, this resident to have a dumpster last fall, from a Friday to a Sunday. It would be through the approval of the Board, we might, with Street Department approval as well, allow them something of a shorter time, either one day or something on the weekend, to allow them to have this dumpster, given their extenuating circumstances, that they can't get the dumpster up on their own lot. I would want to check this out and make sure that Dave [Public Works Director Downey] is okay with it before we give them approval to do it. They know that. I've talked to them and said it would probably be either a one-day thing or over the weekend possibly. But I want to clear that both with the Board of Works and Street Commissioner Downey.


Ms. Broyles said are they doing construction?


City Engineer Buck said they're cleaning out the house. The folks that lived there have moved out, and they're cleaning it out. I don't know if it was some construction or some other cleaning that was done in the fall, but evidently they've moved out now and are able to clear the rest of it out.


Mayor Mills said they've probably been in the house for about 40 years.


Police Chief Marvin said let me interject for traffic. In the past, we have allowed this when we absolutely needed to, but we've required them to have barricades, like the flashing barricades in front of and behind, so strangers didn't run into it at night.


City Engineer Buck said I'll get with Commissioner Downey, and talk about a maximum number of days and put a stipulation on that, if it's either going to be a one day or on the weekend, and that they have the barricades. I would request that the Board grant me permission to allow the dumpster on the street with the approval of Commissioner Downey.


Mr. Satterly said I'll move that. Motion was seconded by Ms. Broyles, and the vote was AYE.



Mayor Mills moved to approve the claims as submitted in two dockets in the following amounts:

          Accounts Payable

$ 56,641.39

          Accounts Payable

$ 387,639.36

          Accounts Payable

$ 163,407.34

Motion was seconded by Mr. Satterly, and the vote was AYE.



Mr. Satterly said I move we approve the minutes of the February 8, 2005, Board of Works meeting. Motion was seconded by Ms. Broyles, and the vote was AYE.



There being no further business at this time, Ms. Broyles moved for adjournment. Motion was seconded by Mr. Satterly, and the vote was AYE.



Office of the Clerk-Treasurer Judy Rhodes

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