Engineering Projects

Click here for a map of area wide construction closures.

  • State Street Redevelopment Project: The closure of Stadium Ave. and McCormick Rd. occurred on Monday, March 5th. All milling on Stadium Ave. is completed and Fox Contracting is placing storm sewer and structures as needed. They have also begun cutting the subgrade for the new roundabout and Stadium Ave. and McCormick Rd. Signal work at Chauncey Ave. and Wood St. as well as Chauncey Ave. and Grant Street has been completed. Punch list items from the 2017 work is actively being addressed as well. 
  • Happy Hollow Stream Relocation Project: The stream relocation project consists of the realignment of the Happy Hollow Stream away from the roadway to prevent erosion and to improve the efficiency of the flow through the existing culvert. The sidewalk and railing are installed along the east side of Happy Hollow Rd. south of Catherwood Dr. 
  • Amberleigh Village Concrete Project: Pour Boys concrete has completed all of the curb & sidewalk replacement in Amberleigh Village. Currently, the contractor is repairing the approaches into the subdivision off of both Yeager Rd. and Kalberer Rd. 
  • 2018 Community Crossings - Concrete Overlay Project: The 2018 Community Crossings project consists of resurfacing and crack sealing approximately 4 miles of roadway within the Bar Barry Heights Neighborhood as well as along Kalberer Rd. and Kent Ave. Milestone Contractors was selected as the low bidder and awarded the project on February 21, 2018 at the Redevelopment Commission meeting. 

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