Brush & Yard Waste

The Street & Sanitation Department will be closed on Friday, March 30th for Good Friday. Yard waste is cancelled. We will resume the normal collection schedule on Monday, April 2nd. Please call 775-5242 with any questions.

The City provides curbside yard waste collection to residents of West Lafayette living in houses or apartments of 4 units or less. Please do not assume we will run the route the same time each week. We have various drivers who may travel the route differently. Have the cans at your property line by 7:00 am the day of collection or risk a missed pick up. Please do not set items out earlier than 5:00 pm the night before your pick up.  

Please keep these guidelines in mind while cleaning up your yard:

  1. Branches should be no more than 4 inches in diameter, 4 feet long and stacked at the curb for collection.
  2. Please stack branches with the limbs facing the same direction, not intertwined, to allow for easier collection.
  3. Other yard waste items, excluding grass clippings, should be placed in rigid containers for collection on your yard waste day. 
  4. The City does not pick up soil, sod, root balls or grass clippings. Please consider mulching grass clippings; they are an excellent source of nutrients for the soil.
  5. Please keep yard waste free of garbage. This allows us to compost the material while reducing the landfill fees.
  6. The City does not pick up brush or yard waste for work that was contracted. If you paid someone to do the work, they are responsible for disposing of the waste.
  7. Tree branches should be a minimum of 8 ft. above the sidewalk and 15 ft. over the street to allow school buses and the City’s large trucks to safely navigate the streets. This also allows pedestrians to safely use the sidewalks.Yard Waste


Since the West Lafayette Street Department no longer accepts grass clippings as part of your weekly yard waste collection, you are encouraged to recycle them. Grass clippings are an excellent source of nutrients for the soil, reducing the need to fertilize your yard. Clippings do not contribute to thatch build up which happens from the accumulation of grass roots and stems. For additional information, please check the grass clipping information sheet.

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