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DispatchThe West Police Department's Communications & Dispatch Center is the primary answering point for all non-emergency and 911 emergency calls made in West Lafayette.

Additionally, it provides dispatch services to West Lafayette Police, Fire, EMS, Animal Control, and Parking Control.

The Dispatch Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The West Lafayette Police Department's Communications & Dispatch Center processes an average of 3,500 911 calls and 18,000 business and administrative calls per month.

The Dispatch Center serves as a direct link between reporting parties and officers in the field. The dispatchers screen and evaluate approximately 8,100 calls for service each month and provide support for all field operations.

The Dispatch Center operates with a myriad of technical equipment, including a computer aided dispatch system, intelligent phone workstations, VHF high-band and 800 MHz radio systems, and a state of the art Security System. Each component assists the dispatchers in performing their jobs efficiently and professionally.

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