Mission Statement

Goals, Objectives and Mission

I. Purpose: 

This order establishes the goals and objectives for the West Lafayette Police Department.

II. Policy:

All department personnel, sworn and non-sworn, will strive individually and as a team to achieve the goals and objectives established.

III. The Order:

A. Values
1. The West Lafayette Police Department has been entrusted with duties and responsibilities to preserve, protect and defend people and property and maintain social order. This public trust mandates that all members exemplify the highest standard of conduct both on and off duty.
2. Department members shall uphold all laws and function in an ethical, courteous, impartial and professional manner while respecting the rights and dignity of all persons.

B. Mission
1. WLPD is committed to do our best and remain flexible as we provide professional law enforcement services in a manner that is fair, courteous, and impartial.

C. Goals
1. The West Lafayette Police Department shall:
   a) Maintain the highest standards of professional excellence.
   b) Deter criminal activity and seek, detect, and arrest offenders of the law.
   c) Enhance traffic safety, deter motor vehicle crashes, and enforce the Indiana State Vehicle Code, and West Lafayette City Ordinances.
   d) Maximize compliance with state laws and city ordinances.
   e) Provide support services to meet law enforcement and emergency needs.
   f) Provide 24-hour services to people within the City of West Lafayette.
   g) Provide the expertise and resources to educate the public in life safety and crime prevention.

D. Philosophy of Leadership:
1. The philosophy of the department is to create an organizational environment in which our mission is realized through excellence in leadership. This environment is created through implementing our mission statement in the following manner.
   a) A positive attitude and a desire for action-Optimistic commitment to our mission and goals which is demonstrated by constantly searching for opportunities to improve the department.
   b) Hands-on-leadership-Remaining close to the essential activities of the agency and to the people who perform them.
   c) Professionalism and dedication-Providing reinforcement and support to those individuals who offer contributions to a work environment that reflects dedication to departmental values.

E. Coordination:
1.Our leaders serve the department when they create an enthusiastic and dedicated commitment within their fellow employees toward accomplishing our mission through.
   a) Success through people-Promoting the desire in all departmental members to put forth their best effort by recognizing and celebrating their individual contributions.
   b) Synergism of action-Recognizing that more can be accomplished when individual actions are taken cooperatively rather than separately.

F. Delivery:
1. The primary responsibility of our leaders is providing law enforcement and support services to the people they serve through.
   a) Quality of service-Acknowledging the needs of those we serve and demonstrating a willingness to be of service.
   b) Commitment to responsibility-Ensuring that all members of the department understand the importance of their individual roles to the accomplishment of the department's mission.

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