Roster / Organization Chart

 Organizational Chart

Chief Jason Dombkowski Administration
Deputy Chief Troy Harris Operations Commander
Captain Michael D. Francis Special Services Commander
Captain David A. VanVactor Patrol Commander
Captain John D. Watson Special Services/Training
Lieutenant David E. Lord Day Shift Commander
Lieutenant Arthur A. Choate Day Shift Commander
Lieutenant Kevin A. Flynn Night Shift Commander
Lieutenant Jonathan M. Eager Night Shift Commander
Sergeant Jason H. Philhower Patrol
Sergeant Troy M. Greene Investigations
Sergeant Stason L. Wiete Patrol
Sergeant Michael L. Brewer Patrol
Sergeant Adam S. Ferguson Patrol
Sergeant Aron M. Thompson Patrol
Sergeant David S. Smith Patrol
Officer 1st Class Janet A. Winslow DARE/School Resource Officer
Officer 1st Class Michael R. Max Patrol
Officer 1st Class Mark A. Ridge Patrol
Officer 1st Class Marsha A. Miller Patrol
Officer 1st Class Kevin J. Coomey Patrol
Detective Jeffrey J. Dunscomb Investigations
Detective Fredrick N Townsend Investigations
Detective Gary C. Ward Investigations
Officer 1st Class Jeffrey A. Kirby Patrol
Officer 1st Class William J. Dearing Patrol
Officer 1st Class Jeffrey D. Decker Patrol
Officer 1st Class Marcus D. Slifer Patrol
Officer 1st Class Donald S. Greenwood Patrol
Officer 1st Class Chad E. Kendricks Patrol
Officer 1st Class James M. Spray Patrol
Detective Jonathan T. Morgan Investigations
Officer 1st Class Adam S. Miller K9/Patrol
Officer 1st Class Nathaniel E. Biddle Patrol
Officer 1st Class Brandon J. Bonnell Patrol
Officer 1st Class Jordan D. Glick Patrol
Officer 1st Class Elizabeth T. Romstadt K9/Patrol
Officer 1st Class Octavio D. Gaeta Patrol
Officer 1st Class Uriah H. Crawford Patrol
Officer 1st Class Quentin A. Phelps Patrol
Officer 1st Class Sanford E. Swanson, Jr. Patrol
Officer 2nd Class FN Lutz III Patrol
Officer 2nd Class Christopher L. Jewell Patrol
Officer 2nd Class Corey M. Frain Patrol
Officer 2nd Class Drew J. Adams Patrol
Probationary Officer Austin H. Moore Patrol
Probationary Officer Austin C. Ames Patrol
Probationary Officer Kyle T. Goodman Patrol
Probationary Officer Brian W. Danosky Patrol
Probationary Officer David R. Vido Patrol

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Jason Dombkowski, Chief of Police
Jason Dombkowski
711 W Navajo St
West Lafayette, IN 47906

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