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A roundabout is...
A type of small, circular intersection that is designed such that traffic travels counter-clockwise around a central island at speeds of approximately 15-20 miles per hour.
Roundabouts are significantly safer...
Than traditional forms of intersection control.  According to studies performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety at single-lane roundabouts, fatalities are reduced by 90%, injuries by 70%, and all crashes by 40%.
Vehicles entering a roundabout...
Are regulated with a yield sign. Entering traffic yields to vehicles already in the roundabout.  When there is a sufficient gap in the traffic within the circle, yielding vehicles may enter.

Benefits of Roundabouts
Safety, Efficiency, Environmentally
Friendly, Aesthetically Pleasing
Roundabout Locations   
Typical locations where roundabouts 
may be
appropriate, and where they
may not
Signage and Pavement Markings
There are several signs and
pavement markings that
are typical to most

Yeager Road Roundabout
A map of the Yeager Road roundabout.  Expected completion date is August 2012.