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Doug  Payne
Street Commissioner
705 S. River Rd.
West Lafayette, IN  47906
  • Telephone Number: 765-775-5242
  • TTY: 711
  • Department Hours: 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
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Snow Plowing

Snow Plow
The City of West Lafayette is committed to the safe control of snow and ice on public streets. The City is responsible for approximately 125 miles of arterial, secondary, and residential streets. Factors having a significant impact on response time of city crews in salting and plowing streets and hauling snow include, but are not limited to, air temperature, pavement temperature, precipitation type (e.g., freezing rain, sleet, and snow), wind speed and direction, time of day, and the expected duration of the storm event.

The Street Department closely monitors conditions and pre-treats roads accordingly if the possibility of icy or snowy conditions exists. Plowing and/or salt operations begin once snow or ice starts accumulating on streets. Please avoid parking on the street, if possible, during a snow storm. This will allow our drivers to plow closer to the curb and allow them to clear the streets more efficiently.

Snow Removal

Property owners or occupants are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks that are adjacent to their property. Section 66.01 of West Lafayette City code requires that the owner or occupant of a property adjacent to a sidewalk removes snow and ice within six hours after daylight and after snow fall has ceased.  Property owners or occupants are also responsible for clearing the area around their mail box to ensure mail delivery.

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