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ho are we?
The West Lafayette Tree Friends were founded in 1981 with the adoption of the original West Lafayette Landscape Ordinance.We are citizens who care about making our city green.

Our Goals...
Our primary goal is to plant trees and implementlandscaping projects in the public right-of-way.We work in cooperation with property owners to enhance the beauty of the streets of West Lafayette.Additionally, we usually complete one or two large planting projects each year.All Tree Friends initiatives are financed by private donations which are augmented bymatching grants when available.

What's Happening!

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Our Accomplishments...
  • Planted Sagamore Parkway with 350 trees plus roses, sumac, inkberry and evergreen shrubs from Yeager Road to Soldiers Home Road
  • Planted street trees, spruce and deciduous shrubs along Salisbury Street from Kent Avenue to Kalberer Road
  • Beautified the Wiggins wall with viburnums and daylilies
  • Planted trees along Kalberer from Soldiers Home Road to Yeager Road
  • Added street trees to neighborhoods including University Farm, Bar Berry Heights, New Chauncey, Prophets Ridge, Amberligh Village, Arbor Chase and more.
  • Initiated Operation Releaf - a program that replaces trees that have been lost due to age, vandalism and car accidents along city streets
  • Planted trees and shrubs on the 231 interchange of the Harrison Bridge
  • Started an "experimental forest" of unusual street trees on Kalberer.
Check out the Tree Friends Report 2013-2014 for our latest goals and achievements!


You can make a difference!

The Tree Friends rely on volunteers. If you would like to be a part of future projects, make a donation, or attend a meeting, give us a call! Anyone is welcome to join our efforts.
Volunteers might help by...
    • Planting
    • Planning
    • Mulching
    • Watering
    • Pruning
    • Being a Tree Friends Member
Don't want to get your hands dirty? No time to spare?
That's okay...

Most people participate in the West Lafayette Tree Friends by making an annual donation. If you can help, make a check to the West Lafayette Tree Friends and send it to the address below.
Thank You!
Contact and Donation Information
Mailing address

West Lafayette Tree Friends
1101 Kalberer Road

West Lafayette, IN 47906

Checks should be made payable to the West Lafayette Tree Friends.
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Our Members
  • Lynn Layden (Chair)
  • Don Wood (Secretary)
  • Don Campbell
  • Homer Erickson
  • Don Franzmeier
  • Dan Dunten
  • Gretchen Ely
  • John MacDonald
  • Judy Pellissier
  • Beverly Shaw
  • Mickey Harris
  • Sieb Siebenthal
  • Steve Green
  • Bill Evers




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